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Start Own Real Estate Business: Detailed Guide

Realizing a dream of an own company can be a challenging task in every sphere, but when it comes to real estate, the subject matter should be learned thoroughly and planned carefully. The complications are connected with the business specifics that come down not only to the implementation of effective management solutions but also to the necessity to comply with various laws, regulations, and requirements. Adding to this the necessity to create a wide customer base via numerous cold calls and building a solid reputation makes this sphere hard for penetration.

Nevertheless, for those agents or brokers who have already received essential experience and who are ready to continue development in this field, the goal of starting a real estate business is not non-realizable.

What can be a problem is a confusing number of tasks on the to-do list, thus, it is important to break bold goals into smaller tasks. The aggregated to-do list includes only 3 steps:

Create a real estate business plan and perform necessary preparations;

Get ready for opening a real estate business and resultative operating;

Create a real estate development business plan for growth.

Details of each step and smaller tasks inside them, required for completion on way to start own agency, are provided below.

What the Real Estate Business Plan Should Consist of? 

The planning stage at any beginning is essential for making things go smoother and having fewer risks and disappointments on the way to success. It shouldn’t be disregarded as it allows avoiding lots of losses and unfavorable outcomes. As more thorough activity is planned as more chances for expected results. The following real estate business plan steps are highly recommended to perform before opening.

Define Desires and Expectations

The first thing to do is to define own purposes and expectations. What results, except for profits are planned to achieve? In other words, for what the generated profit is needed and why the decision to open a company has been made. Having the aim defined (early retirement, starting to collect retro cars, buy a yacht, pay for kids’ college) it will be much easier to plan further actions. 

Considering the purpose of starting the new business, it’ll be easy to make preliminary planning by answering the following questions with respect to the set goals:

How much time must be dedicated to working?

What is the targeted amount of earnings?

What feelings should the job bring?

Imagine the Full Picture

When the own goals are defined, the same approach should be applied for future business. Answers to the following questions may help:

What are the mission, desired impact, and values of the planned business?

What positive distinction can be offered to customers or even society comparing to competitors?

How the segregation of duties will be managed: whether the additional staff is required?

Think about Marketing and Promotion Channels

The initial plan should include marketing and promotion activities, as it doesn’t matter how good the entity is in its field if managers don’t know how to find and attract customers. Except for strategic thinking, the following actions can help:

Learn the market trends and think about additional value can be brought;

Think about non-standard and exceptional service or approach to offer;

Think about how to work with clients, be consistent in approaches, and don’t hesitate to deal with “very cold” clients;

Remember, a website is a powerful tool to express yourself, inform potential clients and attract leads. 

Think about Efficiency

Time management and effective resource allocation can save from the risk of failure. Think about how to automate processes, do not depend on the human factor, and don’t spend too much time on routine tasks. A helpful solution implemented by the majority of succeeding certified real estate agents is the Client Relationship Management application that allows scaling and more thoroughly build cooperation with counterparties.

What Is Essential for Operating a Real Estate Business?

When a clear understanding of desired results&benefits has been obtained the process of building an own brand can be started.

Confirm Experience and Licensing

It’s impossible to become an owner of a real estate agency for all those dreamers who are not certified real estate agents. This’s a legislation requirement with which everybody must comply. The conditions that allow getting the desired certificate vary depending on the state, so it is better to check it with local bodies.

Another must-have is proven experience in the role of an agent at least for 2 years (again, depending on state local regulations). Don’t lose time and spend these years not only getting a track record, but getting an education, professional courses, and membership in reputable associations like, for example, the National Association of Realtors.

Be Ready for Hard Work

If the aim is a success then it will take much time and effort. It’s normal when the results don’t impress in the first year, but good motivation and readiness for challenges will definitely play into the hands.

Know the Types of Clients

Buyers are divided into several types, which should be serviced with different approaches. Young families, retired old people, people who just changed their location, investors – all require special treatment. Define the type which suits the best to the goals set during planning but don’t disregard others. This will allow succeeding much faster with new buyers attracted.

Why Real Estate Development Business Plan Is Needed?

First several years can be exhausting and usually don’t bring significant results. It’s common to have relatively low gains during these periods and do not note positive dynamics. But planning development and growth can assist in avoiding getting stuck on the beginner’s level. The following activities might be helpful in these regards:

be brave to offer professional help or assistance to friends, colleagues, or family members (with zero obsession of course);

be curious and communicate to professional networks and reputable agents/agency owners as they can share valuable experience and tips;

sites aggregators and marketplaces are useful as well as a personal website, as they help to find clients;

try advertising via Google Ads and Facebook, they are very effective.


Opening a personal real estate agency is a complicated and challenging task, but a thorough approach, careful planning, hard work, and technology can help to realize dreams.